Pick-up service

We rethink shopping

We do our best every day to provide our customers with a relaxed shopping experience. Our customers can easily compile their supermarket purchases online and pick them up at the store ready packed, so they can do their daily shopping without spending a lot of time. We develop and scale our pick-up service at a rapid pace and work in an agile manner on new solutions that make our service even more customer-friendly.

Our work also includes working closely with regional offices and national departments. Through contact with REWE merchants, we get to know market processes better and can incorporate this knowledge into our daily tasks. At REWE digital, we combine the classic world of stationary retailing with the world of digital technologies.

Delivery service

We are the digital center behind the delivery service

The REWE delivery service takes our customers' purchases directly to their doorstep. Orders can already be placed conveniently in 75 cities via our online shop or app. A short while later, more than 1,500 colleagues deliver the fresh food on site.

Every day, we work to create a diverse and inspiring assortment and provide our customers with high-quality products online. Customer satisfaction is always at the centre of our work. This is why not only our sales staff play a central role in the delivery service. Together, our Operations and Marketing departments ensure that behind the scenes control runs smoothly and that our offers and services reach our customers. Our analysts support the departments by providing the necessary analysis to make the best decisions. This strong internal collaboration is the reason why our delivery service continues to grow.

Parcel service

We bring REWE to the whole of Germany

With the REWE parcel service we reach our customers all over Germany. Regardless of the location, every customer has access to our extended assortment consisting of REWE and partner goods. Our customers receive articles relating to the food, kitchen and household sectors conveniently by parcel post.

One of our daily tasks is to win new partners, to connect them technically and, in addition, to support them in the connection and marketing of further assortments. In addition, we are driving forward the development of our integrated platform in various projects. With the help of the expertise of our partners and their diverse product ranges, we want to become the preferred online shop for food, kitchen and household in the long term.

Mobile app

We bring the supermarket to the smartphone format

In the REWE App developed by us, we bring the supermarket down to pocket size and make the REWE brand a mobile experience for our customers. In addition to information about the REWE stores and the current brochure, the app offers all important REWE services from delivery service to parcel and collection service.

During app development, we always focus on the customer and his/her needs. Our goal is to combine a great user experience with all relevant features and intuitive operation. In all projects, we work in cross-functional teams and combine the know-how of many experts. This enables us to react quickly to all the challenges of the app world.

360-degree shopping experience

Focus on the customer

It is our passion to provide all REWE Group customers with a 360-degree shopping experience and to make everything they need for their daily needs easily available, anytime and anywhere. By using digital possibilities, we facilitate everyday shopping across all channels (digital applications and stationary stores) along the customer journey. From shopping preparation to shopping to the after-sales phase, we constantly offer our customers new inspirations, tailor-made offers, individual coupons and attractive features for using the seamless, cross-channel interaction within the REWE ecosystem. In the interaction of the subject areas and the different channels, we work in an agile way in interdisciplinary, closely networked teams within the entire REWE Group, involving the respective specialists from the most diverse specialist areas. Using modern analytics methods, our data scientists and analysts extract the necessary information from the data to make the customer journey as attractive as possible for the customer.

Research & Innovation

We'll be here the day after tomorrow.

Innovation has never been as fast as it is today. We know that the complex effects of new technologies, their application and their handling are decisive for the economic success of REWE digital and the entire REWE Group. New technologies are part of our everyday lives today and are therefore also an important factor for the retail trade.

With our Research & Innovation team, we therefore monitor the technology sector in a structured manner according to relevant innovations and developments as well as companies that drive progress. We help to use future technologies that bring success, to design them or to completely redevelop them. In doing so, we use innovative approaches and constantly break new ground. This enables us to take on a pioneering role in the digital and retail sectors.

AI Manifesto


We create logistics that think along with you

Our Fulfilment Services currently supply customers throughout Germany from nine warehouse locations. In our Food Fulfilment Centers, we offer comprehensive logistics services ranging from clearing and order picking to delivery.

We use the latest technologies in all areas of our warehouses so that we can simplify and automate processes. Our newest Food Fulfilment Center is already operated semi-automatically. State-of-the-art software and hardware for route planning, for example, enable punctual delivery to every customer right up to the front door. The clearing and picking process is also very efficient with the help of technical programs and the latest equipment. In cooperation with the motivated employees on site, we guarantee a high quality of our deliveries at all times.


We offer everything for your pet

Our ZooRoyal team is a competent partner in the choice of unique pet products. Under the motto "For animals like yours" we aim to make the lives of pets and their owners easier and more beautiful. As a subsidiary of REWE Group, we are always there where the customer is. We not only offer our wide range of specialist products in our own web shop, but also on digital marketplaces and online with many partners. ZooRoyal can also be found in stationary stores, for example in discounters, drugstores or as a shop-in-shop in toom DIY stores.

Together with specialists from the entire REWE Group, we work in cross-functional, agile teams to achieve our goals. We bring together developers and designers, strategists and creative minds, visionaries and analysts to guarantee an optimal shopping experience in our online shop at all times.


We take e-commerce to the next level

Since 2014 commercetools has been part of REWE digital and our unit for online trading. In just a few years, the commercetools tech team has built one of the most modern commerce platforms in the world. We are now continuously developing this cloud-based API-first platform. Our agile way of working promotes the independence and creativity of our developers. Using modern tools and technologies, we program reactive architectures and microservics and prefer to work on automation processes, continuous integration and open source software.

With over 200 employees at seven locations, we pursue the same goal in all our projects: to establish our own software as the leading e-commerce platform.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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