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Coronavirus arrangements for applicants

Are all vacancies still open?

What is the fastest way to apply?

Which documents should you upload?

What type of application is desired?

Are you interested in several positions?

When can you expect feedback on your application?

You have questions about a job, what now?

What dress code can you expect from us?

Where does the personal interview take place?

What can you expect as a developer at an applicant day?

Can you send us an unsolicited application?

How long do we keep your application in the system?

What is our Onboarding like?

Our application process

Five steps to REWE digital

Step 1
Screening of your application

Step 2
Optional telephone interview
Approx. 30 minutes with the department

Step 3
Getting to know each other personally
Approx. 60 minutes with the department and any recruiters; previous task or processing of a business case in discussion.

Step 4
Second personal conversation
Approx. 60 minutes with the department and head of the department

Step 5
Hiring decision and fast delivery of the contract after acceptance

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